MetalQuest Radiology Record Services


MetalQuest provides x-ray services in all forms  to clients , from California to Maryland , Wisconsin to New Orleans . We have purged And moved records for some of the largest hospitals in the country as well as small hospitals.  If you have film, we can work with it!  

X-ray Film Purging

Save Your Employees’ Backs! Save Your Employees’ Morale!

MetalQuest provides expert and timely x-ray film purging services based on your specifications frequently at No Charge to the facility. Most purging projects can be completed within 5 - 7 business days. MetalQuest associates verify all purged films at the facility. Any films purged inadvertently are promptly and correctly refiled. MetalQuest and its associates treat all patient information confidentially.

Typical purging specifications are:

  1. Purge a specific year(s)
  2. Purge older films from multi-volume sets of jackets
  3. Retain pediatric films
  4. Retain mammograms but purge other films
  5. Retain teaching files
  6. Retain legal files
  7. Retain other specified files
  8. Perform service during off-hours when working in the main film library

  X-ray Jacket Shifting and Consolidation  

How much time could you save if your film room was optimized for space and utility?   MetalQuest can not only relieve you of the burden of purging x-ray jackets, we can spread-out your records across shelving and even across rooms to make retrieval as quick and easy as possible.  Many film rooms have not had a re-organization in years, and this has meant that some areas present storage problems that rob your department of precious time.  MetalQuest can shift jackets, re-site, add, or subtract fixtures, and re-organize jackets into more coherent categories such as deceased and pediatric sections.      

X-ray Jacket Relocation  

If you’ve made the shift to PACS, or just have more jacket traffic with each year, perhaps the answer is to move your older records off-site   MetalQuest moves millions of jackets a year to our 100,000 square foot facility, or to the client’s off-site storage facility, giving back thousands of square feet for other use.  Our experienced moving teams work to your specifications, to your schedule, and with your facilities manager to make the move as efficient and smooth as possible.    

X-ray Jacket Verification and Updates   

Who checks your X-Ray Purge Now?   When MetalQuest moves your records to our storage facility or for destruction, every jacket is re-checked in the process.  If jackets are found to be purged incorrectly (a rarity in a MetalQuest purge, but it can happen) they are recorded and sent back.   This service is provided with or without indexing.     


X-ray Room Management   When you think about it, everything you do to run your file room, MetalQuest does for a client somewhere…   MetalQuest can offer a complete file room management package, even down to labeling and filing, and can do so in a way that makes it attractive to your budget.  A complete package would mean every phase of film room management can be handled by MetalQuest from file creation to scanning, including correspondence and re-filing.  If you have been thinking of outsourcing parts of your fileroom management, please give us a call for a quote.      


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