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MetalQuest Information Management Services

Record Scanning:

MetalQuest offers state-of-the-art document and film scanning.  Whether to add older files to your existing PACS to save records storage, or scanning for electronic retrieval of records, MetalQuest will use its decades of scanning experience to provide the best imaging possible. 

Record Indexing and Verification:

MetalQuest’s experienced and professional data-entry team can provide indexing as simple as an MRN and a name, or as in-depth as sub-jackets and what is in them.  MetalQuest does what it takes to provide accurate data as quickly as possible.

Off-Site Data Backup

MetalQuest is currently Alpha testing a new Internet-based data backup system. This system allows for separate backups based on network address, with full security. Backup can be scheduled or handled as real-time mirroring. If you are interested in being included in the Beta testing phase, please contact us at

RIS and other System Consultation:

Decades of experience with a variety of record database systems and their interaction with equipment and facilities provide an almost unparalleled level of professional consultation.  All it takes to tap into the MetalQuest knowledgebase is to ask the first question!